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The docents of Columbia State Historic Park will present their four-day living history, Columbia Diggin's 1852 beginning usually in the last weekend of May (see Columbia Gazette's event page), the visiting public is invited to take a memorable step back in time to relive what has been called the most significant era in California's history.

Pass through the Portals of Time and eavesdrop on the fascinating world of the intrepid "49er" who has come to the "dry diggin's" of Columbia and found a vibrant 1852 gold camp struggling to gain its own identity. The obstacles are numerous--due primarily to a lack of year-round water--but families have begun arriving, and they are determined to make Columbia their permanent home.

A great deal of research is involved in re-creating the characterizations, emerging architecture, clothing, food and entertainment of early 1850's Columbia, and the docents, as well as family members and friends, take pride each year in providing an accurate representation of that era.

Meet the miners, as well as the merchants, artisans and entertainers who have come to the Diggin's essentially to "mine the miners' pockets." Examine the lifestyles of the families who have settled here, how they prepare their meals, make their clothing and care for gardens and livestock. Learn about their crafts, how their children play, their music and other forms of entertainment--including gambling.

Visitors can buy a share in the mine and dine on the popular foods of the day, eavesdrop on the proper ladies at tea as they share news and tintypes from home, then take in a show at Cazneau's, featuring music, dancing and snappy patter.

There is an admission charge to Columbia Diggin's for adults and children. There is no charge for parking at the Columbia Diggin's four-day living history.
Columbia is located four miles north of Sonora in Tuolumne County. Turn off Highway 49 and travel north on Parrotts Ferry Road to Columbia State Historic Park. The event is being held on the southeast part of town, adjacent to the large parking lot.

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