G & T Van Buskirk ~ Fancy Dry Goods
Fashions and Fabrics of the Goldrush - Civil War Era



We Always Have on Hand a Fine Selection of Period Style
Clothing & Accessories.

A Selection of Historic Reproduction Cotton Fabrics

An Assortment of Dresses for Girls.
Pretty & Practical Cotton Aprons.
Charming Calico Sunbonnets.



Authentic Cotton Day Dresses for Ladies
Ready Made or "Made to Measure"
A Nice Selection of Shirts & Hats for Men & Boys.

Reproduction Weapons and Miner's Supplies.

Learn the crafts of the past that have been passed down through the generations.  Kits on quilting,
spool knitting, knitting and embroidery.

Most clothing, accessories and kits made right here in Columbia.

At the Best Prices in the Mother Lode.





Winter Hours

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - By Appointment
Wednesday - Sunday 10-5


  Teri & George Van Buskirk - Proprietor

Gift Certificates Available